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NEC Server Supply and Demand Management System Renewal

New system will reduce annual supply and demand management system costs by approximately half

Note: This News Release was first distributed by NEC, Japan, March 5, 2004

NEC has just begun working in earnest on the restructuring of the supply and demand management system (BEAT/DP) for server storage, server computers, and other hardware products (* note). 

BEAT/DP is a collaborative system that makes it possible to supply hardware demand information from corporate and governmental users to group companies and production departments such as factories in real time, smoothing the adjustment of supply and demand between management and production departments and increasing the efficiency of the entire supply chain.  Using the "Enterprise Global Planning System (eGPS) Solution package from Adexa, Inc. of America (Main Office: California, Representative: K. Cyrus Hadavi, hereafter Adexa), we have upgraded our old system, which ran on a mainframe system, to one which runs on 8 IA servers.  This new system will reduce annual supply and demand management system costs by approximately half. 

This new system has greatly improved the previous interface, making it possible to input data using a unified format, rather than using different fields and formats for each product as in the previous system.  It has also expanded the range from which information can be provided, including manufacturing locations (such as NEC Kofu), as well as the manufacturing management departments (Fuchuu office) to which it was previously limited. 

Additionally, NEC has taken the opportunity provided by the adoption of this new system to conclude a contract with Adexa for the resale of eGPS Solution, and has begun selling that product within Japan.  With this, NEC will begin using the collaborative systems construction and operation know-how that it has developed in its own activities to actively develop  sales activities aimed at manufacturing, distribution, service and other industries. 

All of NEC is now promoting the supply of “IT/ Network Unification Solution", and we will now begin greatly expanding our solutions business in the SCM field, including our partnership with Adexa.

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