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DongbuAnam Switches Supply Chain Software Vendors

Korean Semiconductor firm chooses Adexa to increase customer service

Los Angeles, CA. (Jan. 24, 2005) – Adexa, Inc., a leading provider of integrated supply chain and performance management solutions, today announced that DongbuAnam, the world’s largest pure-play wafer foundry, has replaced its supply chain management software with Adexa solutions. The company determined that Adexa would shorten manufacturing cycle times, increase on-time deliveries and scale with the company as it expands production capacity to meet increased demand.      

“DongbuAnam has developed a customer-base that includes some of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers, and the Adexa deployment is part of our commitment to provide them with the most reliable and rapid service in our industry,” said Dr. Heechun Yang, Sr. Executive VP, DongbuAnam.  “We found that our previous supply chain deployment, which was supplied by a leading vendor, was incapable of delivering the results that our customers deserve.  Adexa is the best-of-breed supply chain solution in the Semiconductor industry, and its ease of implementation means we can rapidly become more responsive to our customers’ wafer processing requirements and exceed their expectations.”  

“Missing promise dates can cost customers, which is simply unacceptable,” said Cyrus Hadavi, Adexa’s president and CEO.   “The semiconductor industry is extremely competitive and companies must demonstrate that they are supporting their customers with the best products and the best services, every time.  That’s a philosophy Adexa shares with DongbuAnam.  Our objective is not to make a sale and then move on to the next target; we are committed to enabling our customers to achieve higher operational and financial performance on an ongoing basis.” 

DongbuAnam is now in the midst of an aggressive capacity expansion program to support the growth strategies of each of its customers.  The company is increasing capacity from 50,000 wafers per month to 70,000 wafers by the end of 2006.  This means supply chain planning will become more complex and customer service more critical as DongbuAnam focuses on expanding market-share and increasing profitability.

About DongbuAnam Semiconductor
DongbuAnam Semiconductor, the world’s largest pure-play wafer foundry, specializes in world-class CMOS wafer processing that enables system-on-a-chip implementations that integrate the most advanced logic, analog, and mixed-signal technologies. Through close working relationships with strategic partners, DongbuAnam offers a broad range of services that augment its world-class wafer manufacturing capabilities. These include advanced design support, access to wide variety of intellectual property, and prototyping, as well as backend assembly, packaging and testing. DongbuAnam is a key global supplier within Korea’s well-established semiconductor manufacturing infrastructure. For more information, visit

About Adexa
Founded in 1994, Adexa delivers solutions that synchronize corporate planning with supply chain and operations planning and execution, to ensure enterprise assets are utilized to achieve financial objectives.  Adexa helps companies reduce the cost of goods sold, shorten lead-times for orders and reduce inventory costs to increase earnings per share and customer service.   Adexa's global customer base includes AMD, Boeing, Firmenich, Fujitsu, General Motors, Mannington Mills, Maytag, NEC, Philips, Pulse, Samsung, Sharp Microelectronics, Siemens, TSMC, and Unilever.  For more information please visit

Contact Information:
Randy Burgess
Adexa, North America

DongbuAnam Semiconductor, Asia Pacific
Phone: +82-2-3484-2470

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